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Roadworks on Victoria Street West Saturday 11th June 2016
Roadworks on Victoria Street West Saturday 11th June 2016

There will be some specific constraints to traffic this Saturday in the Albert-Victoria intersection area.

The purpose of the work is to form the road surface back to a more durable and smooth surface from the temporary works  done over the last few months.

The duration of the work is from 7.30am this Saturday to 7.30pm.

The first part of the work is milling and laying in the middle of the intersection – they will get this out of the way as early as possible as it is the most disruptive.

Noise barriers will be up around the work site.

The second part is putting a sealant over all the joins to get them tight. It takes 15 minutes to cure. This second part will require a half-and-half stop-go system in place at Federal Street’s exit onto Victoria Street, and also on Elliot Street.

As signified by the location of the orange X symbols below, we will have Traffic staff on site guiding traffic, and will respond to each situation as it arises to keep traffic moving as smoothly as possible.

They will also roam the site to fix any constraints that may occur.

See illustration below:

vic works

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